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Regardless of the size of your company, we can help you. We offer modern digital solutions within bookkeeping, accounting, salary administration and other HR-related services. Our work is always high in quality, delivered in time and tailored for your needs.


Do you have a daughter company in Sweden or are you perhaps planning on starting a business in Sweden? If yes, then our international team can help you. This special-team works only with international companies and therefore has a deep know-how within global assignments. For example, some of our clients have business in Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Since we have a broad international network, you will get the access to expertise within various areas. Read more about our field of work.

Our different work areas

Starting up a new company

We can help you with all correct documentation and administrative matters, when you start a new business in Sweden. Depending on your goals with the Swedish market, we will tailor you a suitable business solution. Our salary consultants will make sure that all the registrations of the employees will be correct as well as give you advice about the Swedish regulations regarding employment contracts, insurance and pensions etc.

Current accounting

We can help you with everything when it comes to accounting. We handle invoicing, payments, book-keeping, balancing of the books, reporting and much more. With digital and integrated accounting systems, we can ease the everyday operations of your business. Read more.

Salary administration and HR

We handle the salary administration for both small and middle-sized companies in which the number of employees range from one to couple hundreds. Through modern programs, your employees can easily report their hours online or by using a mobile app. Our payroll consultants can even help you with employment contracts, pensions and other salary and HR related complications that you might encounter.


According to your preference, we conduct monthly reports. We are well experienced in making reports in tailor made Excel documents or in accounting or ERP systems designed for larger corporations. All the reports can be made whenever it suits you the best.

Annual reports and yearly financial statements

In the end of the financial year, we conduct annual reports and financial statements and manage the contact to your auditors. We collaborate with many qualified auditor firms so that we can set you in contact with the auditors that we recommend.

Income tax return

As a last part of the yearly accounting procedures, we execute the income tax returns for our clients based on the yearly financial statements and tax calculations.

Advisory services

We offer consulting and advisory services within various areas so that you as a business can have the maximum return from the Swedish market. If your company is facing unusually complex issues, we have a network of specialists qualified in, for example, business law, tax-law and business transactions.

Accounting software

We work with the most modern accounting software in Sweden, Fortnox, and therefore we can offer you effective digital solutions that are suited for your business. Together with Fortnox, we have also other applications for digital administration (such as Centsoft for invoice administration and CompanyExpense for receipt administration). By using these systems, our clients will always have effective and well-functioning solutions, where we manage all the processes.

Besides Fortnox, we also work with other accounting software, such as Microsoft Navision and M3/Movex. If you are already working with a specific business system and want that we handle the accounting by using that system, we can adapt to your wishes. Many large companies employ us and we are therefore used to working with large business systems. We then report in either custom-made Excel templates or directly into consolidated accounting programs, such as Ocra.

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